Report: Draymond Green 'forcefully struck' Jordan Poole in practice argument


Draymond Green “forcefully struck” Warriors teammate Jordan Poole in a practice argument Wednesday, according to The Athletic.

Green is known to set the tone for the organization at practices, while Poole has never been one to back down from a challenge. According to the report, the two players got chest-to-chest before Green made contact with Poole.

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The Athletic reports that the Warriors believe a “line was crossed” and that the organization is mulling internal discipline for Green. Practice scuffles are nothing new in the NBA, but the fact the Warriors are considering punishing Green is definitely a story.

This isn't the first time Draymond has had a notable altercation with a teammate that surfaced to the public.

Draymond famously blew up at Kevin Durant in 2018 during a locker room confrontation and was eventually suspended one game without pay by the organization.

Given the mutual show of respect between Green and Poole and their respective competitiveness, I'd guess that we will have forgotten about this by the 2023 playoffs. Any show of discontent between teammates isn't ideal, but I think it'd be premature to say this is a sign of an unsalvageable locker room fracture. Again, this is pure speculation from someone who wasn't in the gym.

Last season, Poole discussed Draymond's intensity as a teammate with NBC Sports Bay Area after they had to be separated on the bench during a game.

“What I appreciate most about it is that it’s who he is. He’s himself. And you can’t ask for anything more than that,” Poole told NBC Sports Bay Area. “If that’s how he expresses his feelings, you know he is our defensive anchor, Defensive Player of the Year, he’s a huge part of our team and he has so much knowledge. I mean if the only way he can get that out is by yelling and screaming, ok. It is what it is. You just take what it is, the lesson is, and you keep it pushing.”

For what it's worth, Poole seemed to "be in good spirits" during the media-viewing portion of Wednesday's practice, per KRON4's Jason Dumas.

Green, 32, is a resident OG of the Warriors and about to enter his 10th season. The confident Poole, entering his fourth NBA season, doesn't have Green's credentials, but the 23-year-old was a key contributor to the Dubs throughout the whole season last year.

Hopefully for the Warriors, this will all be water under the bridge. This season was supposed to be speed-bump free as they try to repeat as champs. Stay tuned to see if any friction carries over to the regular season.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Adam Glanzman/Getty Images