Patrick Mahomes laughs at Robert Saleh's advice to Bucs defense


One year ago, New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh found himself tasked with slowing down Patrick Mahomes in the Super Bowl.

He was successful…for three quarters.

While Saleh’s defense for the Niners could not finish the job, he still had some advice to share for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers while appearing on PFT Live on Thursday:

“Any time you’re a pass rusher just understand that he might do his little old man jog in between plays where it looks like his feet hurt,” Saleh said. “Don’t kid yourself.”

Mahomes saw the quote on Twitter and seemed to get a kick out of it.

While Mahomes is far from a dual-threat quarterback, he has had a knack for making plays with his feet. Whether it is scrambling for first downs or evading pass rushers to make off-balance throws with pinpoint accuracy.

“You’ve got to be relentless,” Saleh said. “You have to be relentless. Just when you think you might have him, he might step two steps back and then throw off his back foot. I mean, he has ridiculous arm talent. He’s got tremendous accuracy. He’s got tremendous mobility.

“…you have to be relentless all the way through. And understand that there could be a play and a second play that happens just because of his ability to extend plays and make the throws that other people can’t.”

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