Patrick Mahomes says 'there was definitely interest' from Jets before 2017 draft


The Jets seem to be in a never-ending search for a franchise quarterback, with all the talk now shifting to Trevor Lawrence, but Gang Green could have very well drafted arguably the best quarterback in the NFL right now.

On Wednesday, ahead of the Kansas City Chiefs' Week 8 game with the Jets, quarterback Patrick Mahomes was asked about his pre-draft visit with New York, who held the sixth overall pick that year, and if he thought the Jets had serious interest in him at the time.

“Yeah, I definitely thought there was interest there,” Mahomes said. “Whenever you go on those visits you know that they’re pretty interested in doing their due diligence. … at the time, they drafted a great player in Jamal Adams and you can’t really argue with that one.”

Eh, we’re not so sure about the latter part.

Yes, Adams turned out to be an All-Pro player, but he is not even on the team anymore after his relationship with the Jets front office fractured to the point where the franchise traded him to the Seahawks before the start of this year.

There is also the fact that the Jets entered the 2017 season with Josh McCown, Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg as their quarterbacks. All three are no longer in the NFL today.

Hackenberg was selected in the second round in the year prior, so perhaps that precluded the Jets from taking a quarterback in the first round. Of course, Hackenberg never played a snap for the Jets.

At the time, there was some second-guessing on whether or not the Jets made the right call on passing up Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson, whom the Texans took with the 12th pick. Mahomes was a bigger question mark, although the Chiefs traded up to the 10th pick to grab the Texas Tech quarterback.

Both quarterbacks have turned out to be stars, though, with Mahomes winning an MVP and Super Bowl with the Chiefs. Of course, a more cynical view would be that Mahomes would never of had anywhere near that kind of success with the Jets.

Still, it is likely Mahomes would have been better than Sam Darnold – whom they took in the first round the following year and are now left wondering if he is indeed the answer, or if they will be in position to start over with a chance at Lawrence.

Only the Jets.

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