Rapoport: If dealt by Texans, Deshaun Watson 'is eligible to play'


The Houston Texans are running out of time to trade embattled quarterback Deshaun Watson this season. The NFL's Nov. 2 deadline is fast approaching, and at the moment, only the slumping Miami Dolphins are rumored to be a legitimate suitor.

Will both teams finalize a blockbuster deal in the coming days? Difficult to say. Watson's legal issues complicate negotiations. But according to NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport, if Watson is dealt before the deadline, his new team may get the chance to play him immediately.

"He is eligible to play football," Rapoport told The DA Show on Wednesday. "There's all sorts of things that can happen. He could be suspended. His civil and criminal situation could be wrapped up, and he could meet with the NFL and get suspended. But he's eligible to play, he's in good shape. All he's been doing is playing football, practicing. If he got traded this week, then he can play next week for his new team. There's nothing stopping him... He can play."

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