Did referees miss facemask penalty against Cowboys in overtime?

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FOXBOROUGH -- Did the referees miss an obvious penalty against the Cowboys in overtime against the Patriots Sunday?

On the Patriots' possession, Nelson Agholor went out for a pass on third-and-3, but he never got to the ball, which was thrown towards the right sideline. Part of the reason for that could have been Dallas cornerback Anthony Brown grabbing Agholor’s facemask while the ball was in the air.

Here is video of the play.

Mac Jones was asked about it after the game, but he didn't want to make excuses.

"It's football, it's bang-bang, but when it's one-on-one, things happen, and it's not my job to throw the flag," he said. "You know, you've just got to stick to my rules and stick to my keys, and sometimes it goes your way and sometimes it doesn't. You can't blame everything on the refs or anything. They call their game, and we have to execute our game plan. It's an it-is-what-it-is situation and we just have to move on and find ways to not be in that position where we can be ahead and we don't have to be in that position."

New England was then forced to punt and Dallas won on a walk-off CeeDee Lamb touchdown.