Rob Gronkowski won't rule out boxing after football: 'It would spark an interest'


We have seen Rob Gronkowski dabble in WWE, but there may be another sport the Tampa Bay Bucs tight end tries once he’s done playing football.


The 31-year-old was recently asked by TMZ Sports if he would ever step into the ring and box, and Gronkowski would not rule it out.

“I feel like I would have interest in it for sure when I’m done playing football,” he said. “Because being [that] football is just so competitive, that can actually keep my competitive spirits going for sure. But I would have to have that urge, you know, to do it and that will to do it, too, ‘cause that’s serious. It’s not like you can do it overnight, that’s some serious training. That’s months and months and months of work. Months of training your brain, your body with all those counter movements, all those different types of movements with your body.

“I would definitely say it would spark an interest. I wouldn’t just shut that down right away when I’m done playing. But you never know…you just never know when I’m done what I’ll be doing.”

Gronkowski was doing the interview with Logan Paul, who is boxing Floyd Mayweather Jr. in June and recently sparred with the four other Gronkowski brothers to help prepare himself for the fight.

Rob did not participate, though, instead he was the referee and had to pull Paul off his brothers, which caught the boxer by surprise.

Paul added that if Gronkowski commits and dedicates himself to the sport, he could definitely hold his own in the ring.

“He pulled me off his brothers once or twice, and I was like ‘holy f—k this guy is strong,’” Paul said. “Bro, you like tossed me. I felt powerless.”

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