Robert Kraft doubles down on signing Tom Brady to a one-day contract


Robert Kraft is doubling down.

Despite some suggestions from others that Tom Brady might not be thrilled about the idea of a one-day contract, the Patriots owner reiterated his desire to make it happen during an interview with NBC10 Boston on Tuesday.

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Kraft also said he'd like to host multiple celebrations of Brady over many years.

"He's a Patriot from start to finish, and we're gonna have him back here to celebrate his 20 years with the Patriots," Kraft said. "Hopefully we'll have occasions to do it every year, different reasons. … He's a very special person. I'd like to say like a brother to me, but really a son. He's pretty special."

NBC10's Malcolm Johnson then asked Kraft if that still meant a one-day contract or something separate.

"All of the above," Kraft responded.

NBC Sports Boston's Tom E. Curran, who is tied into the Brady camp, suggested on Jones & Mego last week that Brady might still feel too bitter over how things ended in Foxborough to do something like a one-day contract, which is essentially little more than a photo op and PR spectacle.

"He wanted to stay here. They didn't let him do it," Curran said. "Do you think he's going to want to sign [the one-day contract] now for a photo op, so someone can leverage him after they passed on every opportunity, and made him uproot? I don't."

Of course, no one could have predicted Brady and Bill Belichick singing each other's praises in an emotional podcast celebration on Monday either. Yet, that happened.

Perhaps Brady, noted reader of "The Four Agreements," has gotten over any personal grudges and will keep the reconciliation tour rolling with an appearance in Foxborough at some point in the months to come.

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