Joey Chestnut, hobbled on crutches, puts protestor in chokehold en route to win 15th Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest title

By , Audacy

Do not get in the way of Joey Chestnut and his hot dogs.

During Monday’s Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island, a protestor jumped on stage and interrupted Chestnut, who responded by turning toward the protestor and putting him in a chokehold, tossing him to the ground while another staff member jumped in to pull him out of the way.

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It did not faze Chestnut, either, as he went on to eat 63 dogs to win his 15th Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest title.

The protestor, who was wearing a Darth Vader mask and appeared to hold a sign about exposing a death star, was not shown on television when this occurred. Fans only found out later when they showed a replay of it from another angle.

It explains why Chestnut failed to top his record that he set last year, 76, as the brief interruption probably threw him off pace, but not nearly enough to knock him totally off his game.

Chestnut had a rather comfortable lead when it happened, too, having completed 17 hot dogs.

Oh, and not only did he take out a protestor, but Chestnut also was competing on a ruptured tendon and arrived to the event in a cast and on crutches.

Clearly, nothing stands in the way between Chestnut and winning on the Fourth of July.

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