Jayson Tatum and Draymond Green throw jabs at each other in new commercial


Draymond Green is pretty comfortable with his trash talking on the NBA hardwood, so it's no surprise that he brought the same level of confidence and swagger to the TV screen in a new commercial. But we have to give Jayson Tatum, his adversary in the aforementioned advertisement, some props for his performance as well.

A new Subway spot featured the two stars with extremely different playing styles but apparently similar preferences in the world of food.

Let's analyze the talking points.

1. Tatum's sub will help you put points on the board: I'd have to assume this is true. The 22-year-old All-Star is averaging 26.0 points per contest, good for 11th in the NBA and — wow — exactly five times as many points as Draymond Green is averaging (5.2 PPG).

2. Tatum's sub is gonna throw down: Yeah, I'll give him that one.

3. Draymond's sub has more rings: Three. Count 'em up. It's something that has eluded Tatum to this point in his young career despite lofty expectations. However, it may not be too likely that Draymond will add many more to his count with the way things are trending in the Western Conference and with his aging Warriors.

4. Tatum's sub has bacon: True. Tough to beat that one.

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