Michael Thomas appears to throw shade at Drew Brees during NFC Championship Game


Last week, Tampa Bay Bucs defensive back Carlton Davis shut down New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas – holding him to zero catches – and mocked the star receiver as “slant boy” on Twitter.

So, when Davis allowed the Packers to get on the board in the in the second quarter after Marquez Valdes-Scantling beat him for a 47-yard touchdown, Thomas fired back and also appeared to throw some shade at his own quarterback, Drew Brees, in the process.

Following the touchdown, the Saints receiver tweeted “That safety not over the top” accompanied with some laughing emojis. He piled onto Davis, tweeting, “keep throwing it over his head. He need help.”

But it was Thomas’ next tweet that appeared to shade Brees in addition to Davis.

Thomas said that if a “DB know the QB can’t throw deep they going to play aggressive underneath with safety help over the top.”

The tweet seems to suggest that Davis was successful in holding Thomas to zero catches last week because they knew Brees did not have the arm to take any deep shots, giving the Bucs corner an extra cushion with the safety over the top.

Up against Aaron Rodgers, Davis did not have that luxury and was tasked with guarding Valdez-Scantling one-on-one and lost that battle.

Thomas then tweeted a GIF of Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill declaring “help is on the way” – which seemed to suggest the Saints will have a new quarterback who can throw the ball deep.

Brees, 42, is expected to announce his retirement – although he has not made it official just yet.

It was clear that Brees did not appear at full strength toward the end of the year, particularly last week’s NFC Divisional Round playoff game.

The shade Thomas threw toward Brees also comes amid rumors the Saints could trade the wide receiver -- another possible interpretation of the Hill GIF.

Thomas is coming off his worst season of his career, which was marred by injuries, after leading the NFL in receptions the previous two seasons.

Thomas noticed the tweets sparked a reaction among fans and laughed it off -- joking he should set up a burner account.