Ref, Mike McCarthy both get blamed for crucial delay of game penalty in Cowboys-Niners

By , Audacy

The NFL’s Wild Card weekend has already been highlighted by one controversial officiating call on Saturday and it appeared as if there may have been another officiating controversy on Sunday.

In the fourth quarter of the Cowboys-49ers game, Dallas had just successfully converted a fake punt for a first down.

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After the conversion, the Cowboys let the special teams unit on the field before subbing in the offense with 15 seconds remaining on the play clock.

As the Dallas offense came in, the umpire held the center from snapping the ball because the defense was allowed substitutions as well.

However, the Niners appeared to be set with their defensive unit and by the time the official backed away from the center so the Cowboys could snap the ball, the play clock had reached zero and Dallas was penalized for a delay of game.

Many on social media were furious that a delay of game penalty was called when the official was not allowing the ball to be snapped, with some wondering why the play clock would not be reset if there was no time to allow Dak Prescott to snap the ball?

Meanwhile, others said the Cowboys had nobody to blame but themselves, with many pinning it on Mike McCarthy who seemingly thought he was going to force the Niners to use a timeout by leaving his special teams unit out there but they never did.

Some also pointed to the sloppiness of the substitution, with one player not realizing what was happening because he was trash talking the sideline.

Regardless, it seems that both McCarthy and the officiating crew will need to explain themselves for what exactly happened on that down.

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