Fernando Tatis Jr. says shoulder is fully healed

Fernando Tatis Jr.
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The San Diego Union-Tribune published a fascinating piece on Friday detailing the underwater training Joe Musgrove and Fernando Tatis Jr. are participating in together. This is an interesting dynamic after Musgrove was vocal in his criticism of Tatis following his PED suspension. Tatis also commented on his emotions watching the Padres playoff run that he wasn't a part of as well as the latest update on his health.

Regarding not being with his teammates during the team's deep playoff run, Tatis said:

“The fact that I wasn’t there in the playoffs, I feel like that was my depression,” Tatis said. “It was a hard moment. I’m not gonna say it wasn’t hard. (There were times) I didn’t want to (watch). It’s really hard seeing your team go so deep in the playoffs and you can’t do nothing. It makes you feel like you aren’t part of it. It stabbed me straight to the heart. But you gotta remember that feeling and just put it into your work so you’re not going to get there again.”

Tatis faced his teammates Aug. 23, 11 days after his suspension was announced. He called it the most difficult moment he has experienced in the process.

“Seeing their faces, just how heartbroken they were,” Tatis said. “I feel like a different story could have been if I was on the field. I feel like that was a stab to the team. I was apart from them. It was the first time I ever felt that. I was really heartbroken. I’ve always been successful in this area and now for the first time, I really (messed) up. And I really felt that.”

Tatis also shared very positive news about his health as he rehabs from shoulder and wrist surgeries:

Tatis, who turned 24 on Jan. 2, said his shoulder is fully healed.

“I’m glad I got it,” he said of the surgery, which he agreed to after the Padres strongly suggested it following his suspension. “It feels way better. (I am) way confident. I feel like I’m gonna have my swing 100 percent back this year.”

His wrist, he said, is close to fully healed. He began hitting this week.

“It feels good,” he said. “I feel way more confident (compared) to last time. I feel like this time they got it right. ... It didn’t get healed right the other time. It was like 25 percent. This time, the last time we checked it was 90 percent healed. So it’s way better.”

Tatis said he will be full-go for spring training. He can participate in workouts and games through camp and then will serve the remaining 20 games of his 80-game suspension. He is scheduled to be reinstated April 20, when the Padres open a series in Arizona.

“I’m really excited,” Tatis said. “I feel like this is one of the years there’s gonna be more emotion and I’m definitely looking forward to it. I’m definitely looking forward to just being back on the field.”

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