Ozzy Osbourne's Daughter Aimee Steps Out To Announce First Album

The record is due out October 30

A new Osbourne is ready to step into the spotlight.

Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter Aimée Osbourne is set to make her debut when her studio album Vacare Adamare is released on October 30.

Osbourne fronts her band ARO, which retains dark and heavy elements associated with her father’s music and fuses it with electronic music.

Alongside bassist Grecco Buratto, keyboardist Eric Scullin, and drummer Brendan Buckley, Osbourne and ARO have had their debut record in the works for quite a while. In an interview with AltPress, Osbourne said she’s been making music since she was a teenager. The big challenge she’s run into was trying to separate her work from her parents.

Osbourne called her music “kind of a secret and a hobby” before going on to explain that “you never want to do what your parents do, and you want to feel totally separate from that.”

As she’s carved her own musical path, she isn’t against the idea of working on music with her father. “I would love to,” she said when asked the idea of covering a song with Ozzy. The two have discussed collaborating musically with one another as Aimée seemingly confirmed the two worked together on Ozzy’s new album.

“He’s often inquired [if] I’d be interested in writing lyrics with him. And we’re going to see how that goes with his new album,” she said.

The Osbournes became a TV hit as the MTV reality show aired from 2002-2005. While her siblings Jack and Kelly Osbourne gained tremendous popularity, Aimée was never interested in being a part of the show. With her desire to remain private, many photos from the show didn’t include Aimée or had her face blurred out.

Now, she’s getting ready to step out into the spotlight with the release of ARO’s debut studio album Vacare Adamare on October 30.

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