People are ‘adopting’ health care workers on the COVID front lines by fulfilling their Amazon wish lists

With coronavirus cases surging around the country, people are finding ways to honor health care workers on the front lines of the pandemic.

Christine Danderand, whose mother is a nurse, battled COVID-19 alongside her husband and daughter earlier this year.

After recovering and seeing her mother care for patients with the novel virus, Danderand decided she wanted to help alleviate the stress that many medical personnel are constantly under.

The Nebraska makeup artist initially started a Facebook page for people to sign up to pay for the Amazon wish lists of her mother’s hospital co-workers.

In a matter of weeks, the page, entitled Adopt a Nurse/Health Care Worker, has grown to over 12,000 members and fulfilled the orders of more than 11,000 medical staff members on the front lines of the outbreak.

"We tried to keep track of how many were gifted but found that was insurmountable and lost track at 1,000," Danderand told Good Morning America. "It’s grown into this thing that I could have never seen coming."

In addition to buying items on their wish lists, people have been baking cookies, sending pizzas and making Christmas ornaments for the overworked health care heroes.

The acts of kindness, which started as a local effort, have now gone nationwide.

"We have physicians that are adopting entire units, nurses who are secretly adopting units in their own hospitals and we had nurses in New York City who adopted nurses here in Nebraska," she added. "I just had a thought to get my mom and her coworkers adopted and that we now have it happening to people across the country is unbelievable to me."

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