Classic Camp Games to Play at Home With the Family


With summer in full swing, many kids are missing out on the joys that are summer camps. The coronavirus pandemic has inhibited many camps from providing additional day care during the summer months, and the kids are missing out on the fun.

If you're looking for ways to engage your kids while stuck at home, you can still implement some fun camp games in your own backyard to help with some of the stuck-at-home blues.

The Ultimate Camp Resource is a website that has hundreds of camp-friendly games broken down into 15 different categories. And if you don't have enough bodies to play many of the games listed, there are plenty of obstacle courses and family favorites to choose from.

"Make a plan to schedule fun time that the entire family can get behind and take turns picking a favorite outdoor game," Anna Birch, a 13-year-old veteran camper says.

Here are some popular ones to choose from:

Red Fish, Blue Fish

"The Guardian" takes an object and puts it between their legs while the other players form a line behind them about 20 feet away.

The object of the game is for the Guardian to remain turned with their back towards the other players and occasionally turn around to catch other players in the act of moving towards the object in between their legs.

The winner of the game will be close enough to grab the object from between the Guardian's legs. If the Guardian catches anyone moving in the process, they must return to the start.

Obstacle courses

Using items found around your house, you can create fun and in-depth obstacle courses for kids of all ages to enjoy.

Create pathways and obstacles to jump over using old buckets, boxes, pool noodles, and other found items.

Balloon Charades

This game works just like regular charades, but with an added twist.

Write the names of things to act out on little pieces of paper. Put each piece of paper in its own balloon, and blow it up. Once you have a collection of balloons, place them in the center of the room and allow the kids to pick their poison.

Once they've selected a balloon, they have the ability to pop the balloon to discover the item they have to act out for the group.

Fire Tender

One person sits blindfolded with a mess of sticks surrounding them. Other players sit in a circle around them and attempt to steal sticks away without being noticed.

If the person blindfolded hears a noise, they have to point in the direction of the noise in order to call the person out.

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