89-Year-Old Grandmother Shows How to Make the Perfect ‘Quarantini’ Cocktail


An 89-year-old New Jersey grandmother has gone viral for her boozy “quarantini” cocktail recipe, reported “Good Morning America.”

Joseph Curci recorded his adorable Nana making the libation with step-by-step instructions.

“Hi! My name is Nana and we’re going to make a quarantini,” she begins in the clip.

Making sure to keep everything safe and healthy, Nana starts by sanitizing her hands before adding ice to a shaker.

She continues with two pours each of vanilla vodka, orange vodka and Chambord raspberry liqueur, which the octogenarian noted was a gift “from my daughter, Jennifer.” For flavor, she finishes off by adding orange juice.

“And now we're gonna give it a shake shake shake, shake shake shake,” she says while mixing up all the ingredients in the shaker.

She ends the clip by pouring the quarantini into a glass and saying, “Fun, right?”

Curci said his grandmother has been living with him since the beginning of the pandemic. The two started making videos together after his uncle passed away from cancer earlier this month.  He hopes the videos bring “some joy during a very difficult time.”

And that’s exactly what the “quarantini” recipe has done as it’s since gone viral after Curci shared it on TikTok.

It even got the attention of John Krasinski who included it in his new online show, “Some Good News.”

In the segment, “Devil Wears Prada” star Stanley Tucci recreated Nana’s recipe and called it “delicious.”

Tucci knows a thing or two about cocktails as he previously lit up the internet with his own Negroni tutorial video.


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