Poll: Savage or Sensible - Landlords Raising Their Tenant's Rent Because of the Additional Electrical Costs of their Christmas lights

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Another listener reached out to us with this savage or sensible...

"Hey Guys… I am dealing with a situation right now that is absolutely sending me and not in a good way. My roommate and I decorated our place for Christmas yesterday and let’s just say it looks great! We really went all out with the lights and put so much time and energy into it. For context this is my first place not living with my parents and I’m really excited to do all this stuff on my own for the first time… or at least I was. Last night we get a text from our landlord (who in my opinion is kind of a jerk) and proceeded to jump down our throats about the lights and told us he was going to have to charge us each 20 dollars extra a month due to the extra usage of electricity. I am soo pissed and my roommate and I think he is being a total savage. I would be curious to know what you and your listeners think!"

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