Poll: Savage or Sensible - Putting Someone Back at the Kid's Table from the Adult Table on Thanksgiving Without Asking Them

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Have something you want to throw on the savage scale? Reach out to us like this listener did!

"Hey Guys! I want to throw my mom on the savage scale ahead of Thanksgiving. Our entire family comes to her house for dinner so she's obviously in charge of figuring out the seating arrangements. I stopped by the other day to drop off some groceries she asked me to bring her and while I was there she informed me that there's going to be a little reshuffling of where people are sitting. One of my cousins just got engaged and his bringing her fiancé to dinner, so my little sister, who's just out of college is being delegated to the "kid's table" this year. The savage part of this is my mom said she's not giving her any kind of heads up and is just going to inform her on Thanksgiving. When I asked her why she said she knows she's not going to be happy about it and she doesn't want to hear her complain. Can you say savage!? Curious what you guys and your listeners think!"

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