See Taylor Swift’s response to a 7-year-old fan’s hand-written letter

'Can you make sure it gets to her?'
Taylor Swift
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Taylor Swift showed up big for 7-year-old fan, Bella, during the Eras Tour stop in Las Vegas last weekend.

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The young Swiftie attended Taylor’s show at Vegas' Allegiant Stadium with her mom, Gina Lanzino, on a mission to deliver a very special hand-written note to Tay. The note read, “Dear Taylor Swift, I’m your biggest fan. My favorite color is purple, what’s yours?” Additionally, she wrote, “Sign here,” with an arrow at the bottom under a colorful illustration.

Bella’s mom took to TikTok to share the letter with fans as well the incredible story it prompted once they got to the show. Upon arriving at the stadium, Lanzino explained Bella found a man in a suit and asked him to deliver the note to Taylor, it had her section number written on the back.

“She brought the letter and as soon as we got into the stadium, she found a guy, he had a suit on — probably just and usher — and she says, ‘Hey, I have this letter for Taylor, can you make sure it gets to her?’”

“He kind of chuckled and looked at me and we just smiled. He said, ‘I’ll see what I can do, I’ll try really hard.’”

The gentlemen kept his word and much to Lanzino’s surprise, the note was returned to them mid-concert with a response from Swift herself.

“We were about halfway through the show when some people came to our box and they were asking for Bella,” she explained. “I had actually forgot about the letter by that time, and I said, ‘That’s my daughter, what’s going on?’ And they say, ‘We wanted to give this to you,’ and it was the letter Bella gave to Taylor and she [Taylor] signed it. “

She continued, “I really didn’t ever in a million years think that this was going to get returned to her. They filmed my daughter getting the letter back because they wanted to pass it back to Taylor.”

Swift’s Eras Tour is just getting underway and is scheduled to continue throughout the summer before wrapping with five shows in Los Angeles August 3, 4, 5, 8, and 9.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: John Medina/Getty Images