BJ & Jamie's Giving Tree 2021 Adopt a Family!

Giving Tree

BJ & Jamie's Giving Tree is back again this holiday season!
This year, more than ever, people in our community are in need of some holiday cheer.

Help BJ & Jamie make wishes come true for your neighbors, your friends, or maybe even for your own family!

BJ & Jamie's Giving Tree is back again this holiday season. Twenty families in need are listed below. We'll reach out to you with more information and to confirm. Families marked ADOPTED have already been adopted.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

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Family 1 - ADOPTED
Kids - Mekhi (10), Romalance (6), and Phoenyx (2)
Story - Hello! My name is Chelsea! I have three amazing kids. This year has been rough for us. I was diagnosed with cancer (mucoepidermoid carcinoma of the hard/soft palate) in September and have been dealing with surgeries ever since. I am currently not working because I have a hole left in the roof of my mouth and waiting for one more surgery to repair my mouth! My fiancé also switched jobs as he was let go due to too many call ins regarding my medical appointments. Along with the surgeries I caught covid and was in the hospital for an additional stay! I am so thankful to say they successfully removed the cancer and I am going to recover just fine! My kids have been so amazing through this whole process, my oldest helping with the smaller ones and them all giving me so much love and help while healing!

Family 2 - ADOPTED
Kids - Sophia (8) and Santi (1)
Story - Recenty the 1 year old was hospitalized and while in the hospital their car was stolen and now requires maintenance from damage that occurred while it was stolen. The mom is not working due to the baby being hospitalized. This family has been a part of my life since I had the mom in school. To see her struggling like this is heartbreaking to say the least. Santi, the 1 year old, has had many medical issues and has a smile that will light up a room. Sophia is the best hugger and has such a generous spirit.

Family 3 - ADOPTED
Kids - Andrew (7) and William (12)
Story - Their Dad has just recently gone through a really bad divorce and had to give up so much just to stay afloat. She has made it next to impossible for him to make an amazing Christmas for his boys. He tries so hard and everything is about his boys. His boys are his life and he lives for them. they are starting from very scratch with a rental house making the holidays nice.

Family 4 - ADOPTED
Kids - Kaylynn (5) and Zoey (3)
Story - Their Mom works as a manager as Smashburger. She works 70 hours plus to pay her bills. Their Mom and her boyfriend work paycheck to paycheck. Alicia's boyfriend/ the kid's Father has many health issues and can not work. He stays at home and takes care of the kids so she can work. They recently found out he needs surgery and that means time off work they can't afford around Christmas. Kaylynn and Zoey are the cutest little girls.

Family 5 - ADOPTED
Kids - Scarlett (9) and Charlotte (8)
Story - Scarlett and Charlotte have definitely had a hard year this year. Both of their parents had Covid and their Father lost his job over it. Being in 3rd and 4th grade, these girls had to learn how to go from in person learning to homeschooling themselves. I am so proud of these girls and through all the adversity, they have grown so much and have become more independent and helpful to their family.

Family 6 - ADOPTED
Kids - Brandon (9) and Nevaeh (3)
Story - Their Dad had to have rotor cuff surgery and the recovery time is 6 months. He has been out of work sense July 18, 2021 when the injury happened. He is a single father trying to cope with no income coming in because it did not happen at work for work mans comp to cover. He would so appreciate it that his kids would have something to open.

Family 7 - ADOPTED
Kid - Audrey (11)
Story - My name is Nate and I'm a single father of an 11yr old girl. These last couple of years have been incredibly hard on her and the last few months, its gotten even harder. Recently I've had to move out of my house and into a one bedroom apartment. Even with that and a few other things I've done, things are really, really hard for me this Christmas. All my daughter wants for Christmas is a bike that she can ride around our new apartment complex and around our new neighborhood. And I can't think of ANY way I can make this happen for her. So I turn to you and your amazing listeners for help.

Family 8 - ADOPTED
Kids - Quin 'Terrius (16), Ahmad (6), Zhyri (4), Zy'aire (3), and Lunah Skye (2)
Story - Our grandchildren were just granted to us. We had power of attorney then my oldest daughter wanted her babies back home after giving birth to her fourth child. Had them for two months and while she had 3rd one that we have had since birth for the weekend she overdosed with all four of her babies in the home. CPS got involved of course and all 4 children was placed with us through CPS. Never told us about classes and when we heard about classes for kinship funding we asked the gal and she stated it was too late as the case was getting ready to close. They gave us Custody of all 4. Just would like some sort of help with food and clothes. All we are trying to do is keep the kids together.

Family 9 - ADOPTED
Kids - Jeremiah (12) and Victoria (14)
Story - My niece and nephew lost both of their parents; their mother died of a severe asthma attack a year ago on December 1, 2020, and their father who was my brother died by suicide on September 18th of this year. These two beautiful children have had to deal with so much in the last year, more than many adults. Please consider helping them celebrate Christmas this year to shine a light on what will be an undoubtedly difficult time for them.

Family 10 - ADOPTED
Kids - Isabelle (8), Colt (5) and Elenore (1)
Story - Their Mom was in the hospital in June for what she thought was dehydration and they ended up admitting her because she had a blood clot and thank God because if she didn't go in she could have died. Then, last week, her house burned down in a matter of minutes and her family is now living in a hotel. She is married to her wonderful husband Donovan and they have 3 incredible little kids. Isabella is 8, Colton is 5 but has a birthday coming up and little Elenore is 16 months old. They literally lost everything in the fire. They deserve some Christmas happiness.

Family 11 - ADOPTED
Kids - Ally (10), Bria (5), Issy (3) and Issiah (3)
Story - This family needs help so bad. The husband lost his job due to covid so early November they lost their home than 11/11/21 the wife was in a bad car accident she hit a tree she was in the hospital for 3 weeks with completely fractured leg in several places shattered knee cap fractured arm. Broken nose, Had 2 surgeries. He slept in the car outside the hospital the entire time with no heater. while the four kids stayed with a friend. The church got them a room at a hotel for a week but that is ending tomorrow. The car they did have literally broke down 2 days after staying in the hotel. So now they can't even get around he can't look for work. I took the girls to school all week to help out. They have twins 3yrs, 5yr girl and 10yr. Please help thank you.

Family 12 - ADOPTED
Kids - Nataleigh (13), Mackenzee (10), and Ryleigh (4)
Story - These 3 girls have been through so much. I lost my job because of covid, been struggling to keep a roof over their heads, keeping power on, and keeping food in the fridge. They lost the only 2 grandparents they had left over this last year. I would be so grateful for this to show them there's still so much to be thankful for to bring some smiles on one of the most special days of the year.

Family 13 - ADOPTED
Kids - Maggie (5) and Henry (1)
Story - Their Mom works hard helps others an does not ask for any in return. She is a mother who never gets a break. She has been helping me with my kids ever since I've gone back to work. She had rough childhood but is the sweetest person.

Family 14 - ADOPTED
Kids - 3
Story - The Mom was recently in the process of leaving a not so great domestic situation when her husband got into a really bad accident and became dependent on her. She's had to stop school and go back to working full time while also figuring out a way to be a full time caretaker and a mom. I've been able to help a little when this happened, but I'm saving up for a wedding in May so money is tight. Her energy has always been incredible, very giving and her home is always open to those who need a safe space.

Family 15 - ADOPTED
Kids - Clair (10), Levi (6), and Hadley (3)
Story - Earlier this year her husband of 15 years said he wanted a divorce. Since then he has done everything he can to leave her financially burdened. They are keeping the kids at their home and switching time with them. When the kid's Mother is not with her kids she is relying on friends and family for a place to stay. She is a teacher, so she does not have the income to get her own place while the divorce is pending. She also does not have the money for Christmas, extras for the children, or basic things for herself. She has relied on many people to help with groceries, gas, etc., as well as money for an attorney to aide her through the divorce process. She has given so much to her school, students, children, and family. She needs an Angel.

Family 16 - ADOPTED
Kids - Herbert (13), Buddha, (11), and Paige (9)
Story - Their Mom has been searching for a house since January of 2021 to call their own. Their mom is a full-time student and still manages to take care of everyone else.

Family 17 - ADOPTED
Kids - Anthony (13), Kioni (11), and Hezekiah (7)
Story - Hard working parents who've had a very difficult time during the past 2 years with job stability and consistent income. Recently a family member who had been living with them AND contributing to rent and groceries moved out and left them very short on funds for rent, heat, etc. These parents are attentive to the kids, follow up with school work and activities, and their healthcare. Sadly, they are living pay check to paycheck, but unfortunately the paychecks are consistent in that they are VERY inconsistent. Losing sleep over whether they can make the rent each month (which somehow they HAVE been able to do so far) is extremely stressful, but they really hope to give their kids a wonderful Christmas.

Family 18 - ADOPTED
Kids - Faith (6) and Alizay (13)
Story - I'm a Mom of these girls and this year has been rough we have had family loss more time than I wanna count and helping other family with medical issues and I just recently had 2 surgeries and lost my job. I may just found one.. which would be a God send as I'm a newly a single mom and trying to do the best I can.

Family 19 - ADOPTED
Kids - Liam (9) and Kaleb (4)
Story - My daughter and her husband found out when there second song was 8 months out that he had leukemia. Already having a son with autism this was extremely stressful and devastating for them. The first couple years of his life they pretty much lived at children's hospital. He is now 4 and will be needing a bone marrow transplant if he wants to overcome this illness, regardless of how dangerous this is, it is the only known cure. The type of leukemia he was diagnosed with has only 5 known cases in the world. So navigating this for everyone has been difficult to say the least. Struggling with everything, this gift to them would lift so much weight off their shoulders, as all they want is to be able to fine the boys a good Christmas but are unable to do what they would like because of money struggles.

Family 20 - ADOPTED
Kids - Isaiah (13), Isabel (12), and Izaac (12)
Story - Their Mom works 2 jobs just to keep her a float. She stresses out everyday about which bills to pay. She is doing amazing but she also is struggling because she doesn't know if she can afford Christmas presents for her children. I know she wants to get them what they want this year but being a single parent her bills always comes first. These kids are truly amazing and deserve and wonderful Christmas. This year has been hard with finances and I just hope someone gives her the opportunity not to stress as much this holiday season.

Contest Dates:

December 9, 2021 at 5:00am MT through December 14, 2021 at 11:59pm MT

For the Giving Tree online contest, enter starting at 5:00am (MDT) on Thursday, December 9, 2021 and ending at 11:59pm (MDT) on Tuesday, December 14, 2021 by going to, clicking on this contest's link, and completing the online entry form. On or about Wednesday, December 15, 2021 at 1:00pm (MDT) up to (20) twenty winner(s) will be randomly selected from all entries received, and upon verification of eligibility, each will be selected as families in the 2021 Giving Tree courtesy of Mile High Honda, Longmont Dairy, Steele Bros Heating and Air, American Financing, Les Schwab Tires, and Alice! Otherwise, KALC General Contest Rules apply and can be found HERE.