WTF does Level Blue mean?

Making sense of the Colorado COVID restrictions
COVID restrictions
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Some businesses in Denver and Arapahoe counties are approved to operate at Level Blue.

Is Blue good? Which businesses are Blue now?
Try as they might, the Colorado government hasn’t exactly made COVID restrictions super clear, as most people associate something turning blue with a baby on the way (which could be good or bad news, depending on your situation), and not with the reopening of your favorite bar.

So what does Level Blue actually mean, and which places in Denver will be as Blue as Violet Beauregard (just watch Charlie & the Chocolate Factory)?

The answer is as clear as a windshield after a trip on I-70, so we’ll try to break it down for you.

First, only Five Star rated businesses will be able to operate on the Blue level. And those five stars have NOTHING to do with a Yelp review.
Businesses of all kinds have been offered the opportunity to undergo a Five Star State Certification program, which is a fancy way of saying gyms, restaurants, event spaces and personal services have a chance to show a committee that they are going above and beyond to keep their customers safe and stop the spread of COVID-19. The reward for meeting these extra-strict standards, is the ability to have more people indoors, outdoors, and at their business overall. So check to see if the place you’ve been dying to visit with friends is Five Star Certified, because they’ll be heading to level Blue if they are!

Being Blue is a good thing. I’m sure there are some lazy jokes in there somewhere about always being blue in quarantine, but I’m too lazy to make them.
In level Blue, restaurants can open up indoor dining to 50% capacity, or 175 people, but bars remain closed. So, grabbing dinner and a drink with friends is allowed, but screaming at a bartender that you want three vodka sodas with a splash of cran, two Bud Lights and OMG I LOVE THIS SONG, isn’t quite allowed yet.

Gyms will also be operating at 50%, so you can be honest with yourself, you aren’t going to start running in your neighborhood or using that rowing machine; it’s time to get back to the gym. Obviously personal comfort is still a big factor, so if you’re not cool sweating it out with a mask on in public, you can wait a little longer to hit the gym. No judgement!

Here’s the big one, indoor entertainment venues with a Five Star rating will be allowed to hold events with up to 225 people, depending on venue capacity, and 250 people will be welcomed at outdoor events.
Every concert in CO just became a really intimate show.

Need more info? I don’t blame you.
Here are some government resources to consult:
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