Burger King's fan-favorite Sourdough King is back on the menu – here's how to get one for free


Sourdough options are back at Burger King!

The burger chain announced the return of the fan-favorite menu item the Sourdough King for a limited time.

The sandwich features a quarter-pound beef patty, bacon, two slices of American cheese, ketchup, and mayonnaise layered between two slabs of toasted sourdough bread.

Customers have the option of ordering it as a single or, if you're super hungry, as a double with two patties and four slices of cheese.

While the Sourdough King is more of a lunch/dinner staple, the fast food franchise also introduced its breakfast counterparts.

The Double Bacon Sourdough Breakfast King features all the fixing plus double bacon, Double Ham Sourdough Breakfast King with your choice of bacon, sausage or ham, fluffy eggs, melted American cheese, and a maple spread, and the Double Sausage Sourdough Breakfast King with a double portion of sausage patties and eggs.

Per Delish, all items are available until April 19.

Everyone is more than welcome to enjoy as many sourdough burgers as they like, but Burger King is giving out the sandwich for free to a select group of people!

Anyone that has a silent “G” in their name can score a free sandwich through the app for a limited time.

Hugh, Ashleigh… go get ‘em!

Earlier this month, America’s famous franchise snuck the beloved Cheesy Tots back on the menu.

The breaded, crispy potato bites filled with melted cheese are available in 8-packs for $2 at participating locations.

And just this week, Burger King entered itself into the fierce chicken sandwich wars by announcing it would introduce its own “hand-breaded” poultry delicacy later this year.