Man documents his overnight stay at Waffle House after losing bet: ‘Full of waffles but devoid of life’


Lee Sanderlin, a journalist, came in last place in a fantasy football league and had to stay in a Mississippi Waffle House for 24 hours.

According to Today, the journalist had to “shave off an hour of time” for each waffle that he ate. He then documented his quirky experience in a funny Twitter thread.

Sanderlin arrived at the restaurant at 4:07 p.m. CST and ordered two waffles “to start.”

Sanderlin ate four waffles after being there for an hour and a half and said he was in “immense discomfort.”

The Twitter thread explained what he did for the next several hours. First, he stayed overnight at the restaurant where he didn’t sleep and ate nine waffles. Then, he only left the restaurant to charge his phone in the car and get sick outside to “rally” and leave room in his stomach for more waffles.