Audacy's Alternalido playlist for September 19 ft. ÌFÉ, Jesse Baez, and Soda Stereo

Airing Sunday nights at 10PM
ÌFÉ Photo credit Trenity Thomas
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Alternalido is your new favorite mixtape of vibrant Latin Alternative sounds.

This English-language show features music that is bold, daring and different, from a wide array of artists spanning the U.S., Latin America, and the world. Airing Sunday nights 10-11PM hosted by SUBSUELO members Canyon Cody and DJ ETHOS.

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Canyon Cody's Alternalido Playlist on Audacy
Canyon Cody's Alternalido Playlist
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This week's Alternalido Artist Spotlight is ÌFÉ!

Awo Orunmila Otura Mun aka ÌFÉ is a New Orleans-based producer, percussionist, singer, and Babalawo priest. His debut IIII+IIII (2017), recorded in Puerto Rico, combined auto-tuned Yoruba prayer, Cuban rumba tradition, and dancehall/trap 808 bass. His new record 0000+0000, will be released in November 2021, and like its predecessor, the numbers and symbols of the album’s title form a prophetic sign from the Ifá religious practice, this time heralding the birth of night and a fearless embrace of death.