Dallas teen crashes billionaire dad's $3.4 million purple hypercar


17 year-old YouTuber and son of billionaire Tim Gillean, the founder of Dallas-based private equity firm Cross Equities, crashed his father's $3.4 million purple Pagani Huayra Roadster, Tuesday night.

As reported by Daily Mail, Gage Gillean claimed he lost control of the vehicle due to "low tire pressure" and crashed into a tree, but said he was only going the speed limit, under 40mph. He detailed the alleged incident in his YouTube channel Wednesday before setting the video to private.

Gage, who has 84, 000 subscribers to his GG Exotics YouTube page, suffered only minor injuries. His YouTube and social media feeds showcase his father's fleet of hyper cars.

A photo of him wearing a sling with the caption, "We gonna bounce back," was posted to his Instagram feed while a black screen that reads "S**t happens. Thanking God for a second chance at life. Crash could've left us with worse injuries or even death," was posted to his Instagram story.

In the video he has since set to public, DailyMail reports Gage went on to say, 'I lost control. We hit the curb, we caught air, we went off the ground and flew into the tree,' he said.

'The doors flew off when we hit the tree. It was honestly the scariest thing of my life.'

Speaking about his father's reaction, Gage said: 'Obviously he's mad upset. But I couldn't really control anything. A car is replaceable, I'm not replaceable.'

Though it isn't yet clear what caused the crash, the car's airbags deployed and most of the vehicle's bodywork was ripped apart.

His father also owns a McLaren Senna, a Ferrari LaFerrari, a Lamborghini Urus and a Rolls-Royce Dawn.