Here are four foods you should NOT feed your dog this Thanksgiving

Dog, Turkey, Thanksgiving, Sniffing, Table
Dog, Turkey, Thanksgiving, Sniffing, Table Photo credit Getty Images

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, which means the food will be a-plenty. And chances are, there will be some leftover that you might think may make a good snack for your dog.

Unfortunately, while Thanksgiving food is delicious for us, it could potentially be harmful for your pupper. Here are four foods that you should avoid giving your dog this Thanksgiving!

In general, you should avoid giving your dog anything with a ton of ingredients like butter, salt, and other spices, along with:

1. Turkey after it's been seasoned. Also, don't let them eat the skin, and never give them the carcass, because the bones can split and mess up their insides.

2. Garlic and onions. These can effect their red blood cell count, as can chives and scallions. These ingredients are often popular in stuffing and gravy, so best avoid giving those to your pup as well.

3. Raisins, grapes, and currants. If your dog getd ahold of one, eats it, and seems fine, no need to panic. BUT, they can cause kidney failure in dogs, and in some types of cats.

4. Baked goods, especially those that are sugar-free. Too much sugar can cause pancreatitis! BUT, sugar-free goods sometimes contain a sugar substitute called xylitol (ZYE-leh-tall) that can make your dog's blood sugar plummet and cause liver failure.

Your dog can still enjoy Thanksgiving, but its probably best they enjoy their own food on Turkey Day!

Via NY Post