Man Climbs Under Moving Wine Truck, Unscrews Valve and Begins Drinking From Tank: Report


California man Gabriel Moreno was driving along Highway 99 when he threw his hazards on and motioned a Cherokee Freight Lines tanker truck to the side of the highway.

After both vehicles reached a slower speed, Moreno hopped out of his car, clad only in his underwear, and jumped onto the still-moving truck.

Moreno rode the side of the truck, and then climbed underneath the vehicle as it sped back up to freeway speeds.

The driver then noticed a dashboard gauge showing he was losing fluids, and called the California Highway Patrol. He pulled over to find Moreno, still under the truck, and still clad only in his underwear, having unscrewed the cap to the tank that contained thousands of gallons of wine, and attempting to drink as much as he could as it gushed out.

Moreno was eventually apprehended, but the biggest tragedy from his entire escapade: The trucking company said they lost about 1,000 gallons of red wine, enough to fill about 5000 bottles.

Via CBS Sacramento

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