The Last Blockbuster Remains Open Despite Pandemic

Blockbuster Video
Photo credit Scott Olson / Staff

The world's last Blockbuster video store is located in Bend, Oregon and despite everyone streaming content even more in the age of the Coronavirus pandemic - it's still holding strong as it has reopened for customers to come inside. 

The store closed briefly before starting curbside pick-up at the end of March.

Now there's a limit to 10 customers inside at a time and directional arrows in aisles to help abide by social distancing guidelines. Vice reports that customers have expressed to the store's owners that they're tired of flipping through streaming services over & over again and are relieved that the store has remained in business.

All of its 12 employees have remained employed & merch sales on items like their “I SURVIVED ALONG WITH THE LAST BLOCKBUSTER” bumper stickers have helped get them through this.