Zoom Escaper App plays annoying sounds so you can get out of meetings

I'm sure that will go over well
Bad Zoom Meeting
Photo credit CentralITAlliance / Getty

A new company has come up with an app that will help you get out of your boring Zoom meetings.

It's called Zoom Escaper, and it's a free app that will play obnoxious sound effects during any Zoom call. The point is to make it annoying for your coworkers so they will end the call, or ask you to leave.

What kind of sound effects are we talking? Looks like they have scraping, crying baby, crying man, dog barking, construction, choppy connection, broken up words, gibberish, and a whole lot more in the apps sound effects library.

The Guardian reports that the app was created by Sam Lavigne, and in his words he made it to "use it to escape Zoom calls and do less work."

Check out the tutorial on how to use the Zoom Escaper App on YouTube.

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