Netflix's 'Squid Game' is inspiring real-life games worldwide

Squid Game
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With “Squid Game” taking the world by storm, it was only a matter of time before the games became a reality.

The Korean drama finds people competing in life-or-death games for hefty prizes.

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On Tuesday, October 12, the Korean Cultural Center in the United Arab Emirates hosted “KCC Squid Game Event,” a real-life event inspired by the series.

Roughly 30 applicants traveled to Abu Dhabi to participate in four out of 6 games featured in the Netflix series, which included Red Light, Green Light, the Dalgona candy challenge. marbles game and Ddakji.

According to The National News, nearly 300 people signed up for the tournament across two sessions.

Unlike the series, the real-life games did not condone any violence or bloodshed.

The cultural center's official Twitter account posted photos from the event.

"Thank you all for participating in today’s event with KCC UAE," the page wrote alongside several photos showing game participants in green and white jerseys inspired by the show.

Workers of the games, who served as guards, opted for hot pink hazmat suits and black masks.

Given the show’s massive surge in popularity, this is just one of many events popping up and enticing the “Squid Game” fandom.

Another event has been scheduled for October 24 at St. John’s Hotel in Gangwon-do Province, South Korea pending COVID restrictions.

Per FOX News, the hotel is set to host a one-day event that will also adopt games and rules from the show for all contestants.

Winners will take home a prize of five million won -- roughly four thousand dollars -- per the Korea Times.

With the show’s global reach, it’s only a matter of time before games and competitions begin popping up in the United States.

After all, the survival drama has become the streaming giant’s most-watched show with more than 100 million streams in less than a month.

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