Star athletes are increasingly adopting the vegan lifestyle

By , Audacy Sports

Patriots star Cam Newton turned heads last year when he proudly revealed he had adopted a vegan diet, even appearing in a PETA commercial to tout his new, healthy lifestyle.

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After all, the hulking 6-foot-5, 245-pound quarterback has been described by no less than legendary football coach Jon Gruden as having the physique of a "power forward."

But Newton said he saw "remarkable" improvements in his overall well-being, including his recovery from the aches and pains of playing pro football, and how his body generally responds to the food he consumes.

And, increasingly, he's not alone among the ranks of professional athletes seeking healthier, more humane, and eco-friendly diets.

Countless stars from the world of sports have opted for a vegan lifestyle in recent years, including Kyrie Irving, Colin Kaepernick, DeAndre Jordan, Chris Paul, tennis great Venus Williams, Formula 1 racing champion Lewis Hamilton, Olympic boxer Tammara Thibeault, US soccer star Alex Morgan, NHL great Zdeno Chara, and many others.

In 2019, Irving and Morgan were even