Sound House 2018: Chvrches Have the Ultimate Movie Cover Song Idea!


For three Scottish musicians used to the mild, even chilly conditions of the U.K., Las Vegas during the still blistering late summer season is a culture and (more importantly) climate clash that they aren't used to.

In fact, it doesn't take long for Chvrches' pixieish lead singer Lauren Mayberry to confess to the Sound House 2018 audience that she's so hot and sweaty in the desert heat that she just had to wipe out her arm pits with her hands.

Yep, Chvrches swab their pits just like the rest of us.

Despite amassing worldwide acclaim since their breakout debut "The Bones of What You Believe" in 2013, Lauren and bandmates Iain Cook and Martin Doherty were every bit the engaging, down-to-earth music buffs and socially conscious artists they seem during their conversation with Ian on the Inspire Theater stage.

In addition to talking about their pre-show rituals (including Lauren's dabblings with witchcraft?!), the band also talk about the process of creating the anthemic sound of their latest album "Love Is Dead." 

Plus, Martin admits they're tapped out on cool cover song ideas...before whipping out a movie soundtrack gem that would be perfect for a Chvrches re-do!

Check out the complete interview now.

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