Sound House 2018: Grandson – Power, Politics and Passion Collide


Jordan Benjamin doesn't hold back -- ever.

Known as Grandson, the Canadian-American singer-songwriter is a true student of pop music. And as he told MJ during an illuminating sitdown at Sound House 2018, he takes rock's history of political statements and stands of principle very, VERY seriously.

"I really admire using the platform as an opportunity to speak for those who don't have a voice...I think rock and roll is only as relevant as the message embedded in rock," Grandson said.

Riding the wave of politically charged songs, including his Top 40 breakout "Blood//Water," Grandson is carving out a niche as a musical preacher, moving from town to town, spreading the good word.

"I think that it's an exciting time as much as it's an absolutely terrifying time right now, politically, socially. What is the role of an artist in 2018? I for one want to go around city to city, talking about important things, getting young people passionate and energized, getting them excited to vote, getting them excited to participate."

And it doesn't hurt when artists like Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine) or AWOLnation are remixing your signature track.

Check out the complete interview now.

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