Sound House 2018: Sir Sly on How '13 Reasons Why' Meant Everything to Them


Landon Jacobs and Sir Sly played X107.5's OBC 2017, OBC 2018 and swung by for a stop and a play at Sound House 2018.

Landon said after four stops in Sin City in 18 months, he's settling in to life in his new de facto home away from home.

"I didn't expect to retire to Vegas so early. I'm only allowed to lose $50 every time I come here. That's my cap. And I have lost $50 every single time. I have never won in this town."

Talking with Pauly, Landon and the guys discuss their upcoming tour with Joywave, their recent collaboration with the Knocks on the "Wizard of Bushwick" single and the critical role the Netflix show "13 Reasons Why" played in breaking their big hit "High."

Check out the complete interview now.

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