Sound House 2018: Yungblud Takes Las Vegas


"It's not about the size. It's how you use it, man...Where's the rock 'n' roll, man?!"

Dominic Harrison, an in-your-face, high-energy, motor-mouthed 20-year-old from England, is a burst of pure late 70's punk personified in a 2018 package.  Rechristened as Yungblud, the Doncaster native predictably rebelled against the Sound House 2018 acoustic aethestic, plugged in...and proceeded to melt the faces off everyone inside the Inspire Theater.

Inbetween songs, Yungblud told MJ about his first television appearance with Seth Meyers, whether the U.S. or the U.K. are home to the best groupies and generally seemed to have a blast in his first trip ever to Las Vegas.

Check out the complete interview now.

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