PHOTOS: Bear tears through woman’s porch screen to relax in pool


This is “un-bear-ably” funny.

While many Florida residents love to take a dip in the pool, it turns out bears in the Sunshine State love to as well.

Karen Bockrath shared photos of a black bear lounging in her pool in Naples, Florida. The resident said the bear stops by her pool frequently, and she started taking pictures of the animal and posting them to social media, according to Newsweek.

Bockrath posted the pictures to her Facebook page with a caption that read, "My 'pet' bear is becoming very famous! Lol!"

The bizarre incident began when Bockrath found a big hole in her porch screen. She suddenly found out that it was ripped because of the bear. The creature has visited her yard so many times that she now calls it her “pet.”

“At least he’s kind enough to use the same door he made in my screen for each visit,” Bockrath said.

While the pictures may look funny, Bockrath explained how sometimes it could get a little hectic. She added that since the animal has come into the pool several times, it does kind of make her nervous.

“It was only scary when he came up to my sliders and was checking out my living room,” she said. “I really hope he doesn’t think my new couch looks comfy.”

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