Last Call - Athletic Brewing

Enjoy "Dry January" with a beer
Lauren, Tyler, Jeremy Photo credit Jeremy
Tucker's West Coast IPA Photo credit Jeremy

Monday 1/23
Tucker's West Coast IPA - Started out as a pilot beer but instantly became in demand. A non-alcohol take on a classic West Coast IPA that tastes like San Diego because of the local brewer that shares its name.
Musically paired with: Pennywise "F**k Authority"

Free Wave Hazy IPA Photo credit Jeremy

Tuesday 1/24
Free Wave Hazy IPA - Crushable at any time, Free Wave is a refreshing combo of hops and that fuller mouthfeel you expect from a hazy IPA.
Musically paired with: Alt J "Left Hand Free"

Run Wild IPA Photo credit Jeremy

Wednesday 1/25
Run Wild IPA - A true take on a classic IPA with more caramel malts and a blend of five Northwest Hops making this IPA a balance between bitterness and malt body.
Musically Paired with: Flume "The Difference"

Upside Dawn Golden Photo credit Jeremy

Thursday 1/26
Upside Dawn Golden - Classic Golden Ale style; refreshing, clean, balanced, Light-bodied with subtle floral notes. If you're scared to put your toe in the water of a NA Craft Beer, make this one your first.
Musically Paired with: Portugal. The Man - Tidal Wave

Athletic Lite Photo credit Jeremy

Friday 1/27
Athletic Lite - You know from the label it's a standard Lite beer, but unlike other Lite beers this bad boy is a "I'm gonna slam the whole can in one gulp" crushable 25 calories and 5 carbs amazingness.
Musically paired with: Andrew W.K. "Party Hard"

Featured Image Photo Credit: Jeremy