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Headlong into Oktoberfest!
Ballast Point
Simply the Fest Photo credit Jeremy

Monday 9/18
Simply the Fest - It's Oktoberfest Season and Ballast Point is kicking theirs off right now! Jeff From Ballast Point comes bearing the gifts of Ballast Point Homebrew Mart and their Califonication of a traditional Fest Bier!
Musically paired with: Damian Jr Gong Marley "All Night"

Ballast Point
NZ Inspired Pilsner Photo credit Jeremy

Tuesday 9/19
NZ Inspired Pilsner - Jeff is back with another Ballas Point Home Brew Mart creation! Just like yesterday where the HBM brewers put a San Diego spin on a Fest beer, today get their SD take on a Pilsner loaded with New Zealand's most tropical hops.
Musically paired with: Red Hot Chili Peppers "FIre"

Ballast Point
Speedboat Blonde Photo credit Jeremy

Wednesday 9/29
Speedboat Blonde - A new beer to the Ballast Point lineup and much to the theme of this week, it's a San Diego Twist on a classic take. Speedboat is a blonde ale that borrows from brewers south of the border with the additional of sea salt and lime.
Musically paired with: Tribal Seeds "Dawn of Time"

Ballast Point
Trying to be Brown Photo credit Jeremy

Thursday 9/21
Trying to be Brown - Don't let the name fool you this Ballast Point Home Brew Mart Brown ale is very much a Brown. Why do they call it, "Trying to be Brown"? That's a questions for the brewers!
Musically paired with: Smashing Pumpkins "Zero"

Ballast Point
Grunion Pale Ale Photo credit Jeremy

Friday 9/22
Grunion Pale Ale - Wrapping up the week of great beers from Ballast Point and Home Brew Mart, Jeff brings the icing on the cake! A beer that reflects the identity of Ballast Point as well as it's origins.
Musically Paired with: Stone Temple Pilots "Dead & Bloated"

Featured Image Photo Credit: Jeremy