Last Call with Harland Brewing

'twas the week before Ube Day 2023
Anthony, Cody, Jeremy & Jake Photo credit Jeremy
Harland Brewing
Japanese Lager Photo credit Jeremy

Monday 9/11
Japanese Lager - Inspired by the crisp lagers of Okinawa, Harland's Japanese Lager is a bright, malt feature. Brewed with two kinds of rice, Pilsner malt, and a Czech yeast strain, this beer is clean and refreshing.
Musically paired with: Band of Horses "Casual Party"

Harland Brewing
Tropical Whale Photo credit Jeremy

Tuesday 9/12
Tropical Whale - It's really amazing what you can do when you just change one "thing" in a beer. Taking a page from their India Pale Whale, Harland brewers do one thing different with Tropical Whale that makes it a whole new beer change...the yeast
Musically paired with: Pixies "Gigantic"

Harland Brewing
Hazy IPA Photo credit Jeremy

Wednesday 9/13
Hazy IPA - This Hazy brings everything we love in an IPA, without the overwhelming bitterness. With a smooth and creamy mouthfeel from oats and wheat, the bright aromas of citrus, gooseberry, and hints of white wine rise to the surface for an exceedingly aromatic IPA.
Msucaily paired with: Turnstile "Mystery"

Harland Brewing
Nelson! Nelson! Photo credit Jeremy

Thursday 9/14
Nelson! Nelson! - An ode to one of the best hops from down under. It's got Nelson, Nelson and more Nelson hops in it.
Musically paired with: The Strokes "Someday"

Harland Brewing
Tropical Popscicle Photo credit Jeremy

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