Last Call - Second Chance Brewing

Beer, pups and people!
Jeremy & Virginia Photo credit Jeremy
Second Chance Brewing
Gulls Blue Line Blonde Photo credit Jeremy

Monday 3/13
Gulls Blue Line Blonde - Clean, crisp, incredibly crushable and pairs well with a Gulls Hockey game...what more could someone ask for?
Musically paired with: Sports Team "The Drop"

Second Chance Brewing
Fist Full of Gummies Photo credit Jeremy

Tuesday 3/14
Fist Full of Gummies - Take an award winning sour beer and then throw some gummy candies in it. What could go wrong?!...nothing! Brain child of Virginia from Second Chance its a beer that just about anyone can agree that its delicious.

Second Chance Brewing Co
New Day IPA Photo credit Jeremy

Wednesday 3/15
New Day IPA - Every dog has it's day and Second Chance brewing believes that should be a beautiful New Day (IPA). A great example of where San Diego IPAs have been and where they are going, balanced between tropical aromas and substantial bitterness.
Musically paired with: U2 "Beautiful Day"

Second Chance Brewing
Mulligan Amber Ale Photo credit Jeremy

Thursday 3/16
Mulligan Amber Ale - Also known as an Irish Red Ale, it's perfect for hiking, relaxing with friends or putting around on the golf course. Smooth Caramel malts and a balanced finish make this 5.6% a crushingly good beer with substantial flavor.
Musically paired with: Dropkick Murphys "I'm Shipping Up To Boston"

Second Chance Brewing
Tabula Rasa Photo credit Jeremy

Friday 3/17
Tabula Rasa - Porter - The most metal winning beer in modern Great American Beer Festival history. A rich and savory roabust serving of toasted malts with a smooth dry finish.
Musically paired with: Queen "We Are the Champions"

Featured Image Photo Credit: Jeremy