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Normalize the Abnormal
Jason & Jeremy Photo credit Jeremy
Abnormal Beer Co.
3-DPO German Pilsner Photo credit Jeremy

Monday 3/27
3-DPO German Pilsner - Why would a brewery named Abnormal make a standard German Pilsner? They wouldn't this beer takes it's name from the 3 step decoction mash that gives it substantially more body while still being a crisp crushable 5% AVB Pilsner.
Musically paired with: Baroness "Take My Bones Away"

Abnormal Beer Co
Boss Pour IPA Photo credit Jeremy

Tuesday 3/28
Boss Pour San Diego IPA - There are a lot of IPA "types" out there; Imperial, West Coast, Hazy, Cold, San Diego. Yes, San Diego has a subtype of its own and Abnormal Boss Pour IPA is a perfect example of that style!
Musically paired with: Queens of the Stone Age "Feet Don't Fail Me Now"

Abnormal Beer Co.
Blackberry Pie Photo credit Jeremy

Wednesday 3/29
Blackberry Pie Imperial Berliner Weiss - A beer with this much flavor needs to start with a good base. Abnormal takes their Imperial Berliner Weiss base and overloads it with Blackberries with a hint of Vanilla beans and cinnamon to give you two perfect layers of pie crust and delicious blackberry filling.
Musically paired with: The Heavy "What Makes A Good Man"

Abnormal Beer Co.
BA Mud Pie Photo credit Jeremy

Thursday 3/30
BA Mud Pie - Inspired by the famed Mud Pie, this beer emulates the flavors of gooey chocolate over melted marshmallows with a brownie crust. Our Mocha Stout base spent 3 years aging in bourbon and rye barrels. After it’s hibernation, it was treated with cacao nibs, oreo cookies, a custom Bird Rock “Abnormal Blend” coffee, milk sugar, vanilla, marshmallows and toasted almonds. This beer will hold a permanent spot on your list of favorite desserts.
Musically paired with: Primus "My Name is Mud"

Abnormal Beer Co.
Hop Island Photo credit Abnormal Beer Co

Friday 3/31
Hop Island - It's like Jason knows the inner workings of my soul. We need the our week of Abnormal beers with an IPA! Not just any IPA, he's already given us examples of how he makes San Diego IPAs now he's taking us to a land down under with a New Zealand style IPA.
Musically paired with: Idles "I'm Scum"

Featured Image Photo Credit: Jeremy