This Friday is "Take Your Dog to Work" Day

female professionals using laptops with dog between them
Photo credit Maskot / iStock / Getty Images Plus

The Friday after Father's Day is known as "National Take Your Dog to Work Day," and while many of us spent many, many days working along side our fur babies during the pandemic, as we head back to the office, being joined by our dogs may be fun and stress-relieving at the same time!

“Dogs help to create a calmer workplace,” says Rancho Coastal Humane Society spokesman John Van Zante. “Productivity is higher. Blood pressure drops when you pet a dog. Dogs create a sense of camaraderie. Creativity and mental recall improve with dogs present.”

He also notes that it's important to clear it with your employer before bringing your best friend along with you to work. “Be sure to check with co-workers to see if they’re allergic or afraid of dogs," he adds. "Make sure that you will be able to take care of your dog during the day and that there’s a safe, comfortable place for your dog to spend his or her day at work.”

He also suggests taking the following items along with you and your dog:
*          A dog bed or blanket
*          Water and food bowls
*          Snacks / treats
*          Leash and Collar with your contact information
*          Poop Bags
*          A copy of your dog's vaccination records
*          Some dog toys or tennis ball

When you and your dog arrive at work:
*           Take your dog to where it will spend the day then let it sniff and investigate
*           "Set up" for the day with the bed, bowl, water, and toys
*           Introduce your "best friend" to your "work friends"
*           Remember to take potty breaks and pick up after your dog

“Even though your dog is there, you’re still on the job," Van Zante continues. "‘Work like a dog’ so your boss lets you do this again next year...and maybe even throughout the year.”

When you post pics, be sure to use the hashtag #TakeYourDogToWorkDay and encourage others to adopt their own best friend!