Who would qualify for the $1,400 third stimulus check?

The $1.9 trillion pandemic bill received approval from the House of Representatives on early Saturday.

It’s a major step towards delivering the highly-anticipated third stimulus check to Americans in need.

First, however, the bill must head to the Senate (and potentially back to the House if anything is changed) before it can be passed on to President Biden for final approval.

The overall relief bill would provide $1,400 payments to individuals, extend emergency unemployment benefits through August and increase tax credits for children and federal subsidies for health insurance, per the AP.

However, the check is said to be more “targeted” to provide aid for struggling Americans. Here’s who may or may not qualify this time around.

Your Taxes Play a Role

With new income limits in place, the timing of when you file your taxes could determine whether you qualify for a check or not.

With the Internal Revenue Service already accepting last year's tax returns and doing so until April 15, the passage of a new relief bill could land smack dab in the middle of filing season. The