YUNGBLUD keeps his promise to paint the Pride flag in the streets of 'homophobic' Poland

'Never apologize. never compromise. never hide who you are'
Yungblud Photo credit Xavi Torrent/Redferns/Getty Images
By , Audacy

Alt-pop superstar YUNGBLUD just made good on a promise to paint the streets of Poland with the colors of LGBTQIA+ pride after a fan expressed their frustrations of experiencing sexual and gender identity discrimination in the country two years prior.

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Back in 2020, a fan Tweeted at the singer responding to a photo showing YUNGBLUD standing on a Pride flag painting in the U.K., saying they were jealous, "cause I live in Poland... It's the most homophobic country I've ever seen." At the time he promised, "the pavements will be painted in beautiful colours. im gonna paint the f***in street myself outside the venue next time i am there. we will keep fighting. all my love is with you."

While on his tour in Europe this week, the singer posted a new video showing him making good on that promise, painting the LGBTQIA+ colors on a cobblestone street outside of a venue in Warsaw, Poland where he made a stop on Tuesday, May 10. The awesome clip shows YUNGBLUD screaming to fans gathered behind a barrier, telling them to "never ever change who you are" while he marks the road with the colors of love.

YUNGBLUD says in the caption, "never apologize. never compromise. never hide who you are. love as much as you can every fookin day!!!" In a follow-up Tweet, the singer added a devilish note saying the paint used was "[lead] based... try gettin that off."

Outside of making kickass music, Yungblud had another thing in mind when he started out on his journey... Connecting with people. Watch below as he speaks with us about the roots of his music career and how he aimed to connect with others just like him.

WATCH NOW: YUNGBLUD uses music as ‘a mutual conversation’


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