Couple married 52 years die of COVID within 3 hours of each other: ‘They did everything together’


A Ohio family is mourning the death of both of their parents from coronavirus.

Lois, 77, and PJ Connor, 78, were married for 52 years and passed away from COVID within three hours of each other on January 30th, reported news station ABC 6.

While both were admitted to Riverside Methodist Hospital, they were placed in different rooms across the fall from each other.

The couple is survived by three adult children and several grandchildren, who described them as being inseparable.

“As I think of my mom, I think of my dad,” son Patrick Connor told WCNC. “When I think of my dad, I think of my mom.”

“I felt like they were going to come out,” added daughter Ann Lanier. “I’m still in shock. They were not done living their life. They were very active.”

Despite being physically apart throughout their hospitalizaiton, the couple communicated by sending love notes to each other via the nursing staff.

When Lois’ condition began to deteriorate, PJ’s health also began to worsen.

“My dad was struggling with COVID and a broken heart,” said daughter Mary Mazik.

After their situation became more dire, the pair were placed side-by-side in the same room, the outlet noted.

During their final moments, Lois and PJ were able to hold hands. She held on a little longer as PJ passed away peacefully. Three hours later, Lois joined him.

“They did everything together,” said son Patrick Connor. “They also died together and are in heaven together."

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