LOONA shares who they have on their collab dream list during SoCal Honda Sound Space

With the success of their track 'Star' Loona is out of this world

While in conversation with 97.1 AMP’s Yesi Ortiz, before their SoCal Honda Sound Space performance above, Loona filled us in on all things happening in the LOONAverse and shared what they have their sights set on next.

As the 12-woman K-pop group continues to emerge as another global sensation, Olivia tells us how they all stay motivated and encouraged to reach new goals. “First and foremost, it’s Orbits. We can be loved because of Orbits,” shares Olivia. Loona refers to their loyal group of global fans as “Orbits.” She continues, “We also get help from lots of people around us, who believe in us, and stay with us from the start until this day. ‘Star’ was able to set good records thanks to all of them.”

In terms of performing live, the powerful group is itching to get back on stage. Choerry tells us that for LOONA’s first live show post-pandemic, she’d love to perform in Los Angeles. “When we went to LA for KCON we received a lot of good responses and energy from the audiences, so I’d like to visit LA once again,” muses Choerry.

Aside from getting back on stage and feeling eager to tour again, LOONA has also been eyeing some major collaboration opportunities. The women of the K-pop group have discussed wanting to work with Ariana Grande they also tell us they have interest in coming together with The Weeknd.

Yeojin elaborates, “We covered ‘Blinding Lights’ for the end-of-year stage last year and he uploaded the screenshot of our stage on his Instagram story. If we ever get a chance, we’d love to collaborate with him. Love you!”


With a year full of success for LOONA there is so much on the horizon for the group, and the 12 women are ready to take it all on. Check out LOONA’s full interview and performance above.

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