Disney World Proposes Reopening Parks in July


Walt Disney World Resort has set target dates to reopen its parks.

On Wednesday, executives revealed a phased plan to reopen its Magic Kingdom and Disney Animal Kingdom on Saturday, July 11 and Epcott and Disney Hollywood Studios on Wednesday, July 15.

The timeline was unveiled in a presentation that the organization made to the Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force.

During the same conference, SeaWorld Parks formally shared target dates for reopening as well, with interim CEO Marc Swanson announcing July 10 to open the park privately and July 15 to open publicly.

SeaWorld's plans come after weeks of testing how their roller coasters would perform with riders wearing masks.

On March 12, it was announced that both Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando were closing "for the rest of March" amid the pandemic. The closings have persisted since, until last week's reopening of Disney Springs and Universal's mid-May reopening of CityWalk.

Over the last few months, there have been speculation regarding the opening of the theme parks, with some saying maybe July, and some even saying they might stay closed until January. Now, with a better idea of the effects of COVID-19, clearer timelines are being proposed for the reopening of the parks, and what it will look like when they do.

Late last week, Universal set the target date of June 5, 2020 to reopen its parks.

The plans that were presented to the Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force will await approval from local officials as well as Governor Ron DeSantis. That means the park could be looking to reopen within the next few weeks.

This goes along with the increasing reports that the NBA are in talks with Orlando officials and Disney World to finish the rest of the 2019-2020 season at the park.

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