Woman linked to home break-in after Cheetos residue was found on her teeth

By , 98.7 KLUV

This woman was caught red-handed with orange teeth.

Anyone who has enjoyed the delicious puff snack Cheetos understands that there's some risk with the treat, and that risk is the Cheeto dust.

It gets everywhere. Your fingers, clothes, the couch, and, for police in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the dust came in handy when they were able to link a woman to a crime scene because of the Cheeto remnants in her teeth.

A woman broke into a home in Tulsa, but fled through an open window after hearing people in the house, ABC 8 Tulsa reported. The resident of the home told dispatchers that she was alone in the house with her two children, and that she heard someone breaking in through the window.

When the police arrived at the scene, they found a discarded water bottle and empty bag of Cheetos near the window.

Local authorities arrived to discover an open window with the screen removed in the front of the house. Near the window, police found a discarded water bottle and an empty bag of Cheetos. Officers believe Carr dropped the Cheeto bag and water as she made her escape out the window.

Police then identified Sharon Carr hiding in the shadows with Cheeto dust on her teeth. Carr was arrested by Tulsa police on the scene.

Carr is now facing charges of first-degree burglary. She offered no reason for committing the crime, police said.

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