1Thing: Children’s Book Helps Parents Discuss Climate Change 

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Photo credit Poike

Parents have a new resource to teach their kids about climate change in a way that’s educational and fun.

"Is This My Home?" is a 43-page illustrated children’s book that will help adults broach the complex subject without instilling a sense of apocalyptic fear in their little ones.

The book details a young girl’s journey around the world in search of her true home. While on her travels, she meets various creatures that show her the importance of caring for the planet. Colorful illustrations are used to subtly portray global warming, pollution, water shortages and melting polar caps. 

In addition, the book includes a section of easy answers for difficult questions and offers suggestion on ways anyone can begin to make a difference. 

Created by a Danish green energy company, the book hopes to show children how to be a good role model and to instill hope for the future. Written for children between 4-8 years old, "Is This My Home?" is available as a free e-book download in four languages.

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