Ian Rapoport: Philadelphia Eagles Will Try to Trade Nick Foles, Play Carson Wentz


PHILADELPHIA (94 WIP) -- Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network is one of the NFL's most plugged-in reporters, and he's confident that the Philadelphia Eagles will go back to Carson Wentz and look to trade Nick Foles this offseason. 

"I think people sort of forget how good Carson Wentz is," Rapoport told Angelo Cataldi and the 94WIP Morning Show on Wednesday. "Before injury, he was one of the MVPs of the league.

"So yeah, whenever it's over they go back to Carson Wentz and basically see how they can maximize the value they have with Nick Foles."

Rapoport certainly understands why Eagles fans have fallen in love with Foles, who is leading the Birds on a playoff run for the second straight season. Foles and the Eagles will reach the NFC Championship game if they upset the Saints on Sunday in New Orleans.

"He has been incredible, probably the best backup quarterback in NFL history, certainly the most successful," Rapoport said. "But to me, it's not about the next couple years, it's about the next 15 years."

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Foles, 29, has a $20 million team option for the 2019 season, but can pay back $2 million to the Eagles to become a free agent instead. The Eagles could still franchise-tag him, as well. All of this makes it likely that Philadelphia looks to trade Foles this offseason

"I do think they'll be able to trade him," Rapoport said. "My guess is they end up working with Foles and coming up with some solution where he lands at a great place, and he probably ends up getting a contract extension with that.

"Foles will probably be worth — if the Eagles do nothing else in free agency, which you know they're also active. But if they do nothing else, then they will probably get like a third-round compensatory pick for him, not this year, but next year. So the equivalent of that is a fourth-rounder this year. Third-rounder next year, fourth-rounder this year. So if they can't get a fourth-rounder for him, they'd probably just let him free and take the compensatory pick." 

Many have suggested Foles landing with the New York Giants, who have quarterback Eli Manning, running back Saquon Barkley and wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. under contract for next season. Rapoport believes the Jacksonville Jaguars make more sense for Foles, at least right now.

"Someone would have to tell me where Eli Manning is going first," Rapoport said. "I don't really see that happening, because they have Eli Manning. I think they would just keep Eli, draft a young QB, and develop him under Eli."

By Andrew Porter